Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy, Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management, Universitá Commerciale L. Bocconi, via Rontgen n. 1, Milan, Italy

Dynamical Processes in Complex Societies (DPCS) unit, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Via Sommarive n. 28, 38123 Povo, Trento, Italy

Phone: +390461314520
Fax: +390461314591
Mail: piero.poletti@unibocconi.itpoletti@fbk.eu


  • New paper on Zika:
    Assessing the potential risk of Zika virus epidemics in temperate areas with established Aedes albopictus populations. G Guzzetta, P Poletti, F Montarsi, F Baldacchino, G Capelli, A Rizzoli, R Rosà, S Merler (2016) Euro surveillance.
  • New paper on Culex pipiens dynamics:
    The Role of Climatic and Density Dependent Factors in Shaping Mosquito Population Dynamics: The Case of Culex pipiens in Northwestern Italy. G Marini, P Poletti, M Giacobini, A Pugliese, S Merler, R Rosà (2016) PloS one 11 (4), e0154018
  • New paper on VZV:
    The Epidemiology of Herpes Zoster After Varicella Immunization Under Different Biological Hypotheses: Perspectives From Mathematical Modeling. G Guzzetta, P Poletti, S Merler, P Manfredi (2016) American Journal of Epidemiology 183 (8), 765-773
  •  Winner of the Bellman Prize 2015 for the article
    “Risk perception and effectiveness of uncoordinated behavioral responses in an emerging epidemic,” Mathematical Biosciences (August 2012).
    Elsevier has made this article freely available until July 20, 2016.
Currently working on:
My current research focuses on the mathematical modelling of infectious diseases. More specifically I am interested in effects of human behavioural response in the impact of epidemics (especially during outbreaks) and on the effect of demographic changes on the epidemic spread in SSA countries . I am interested in both theoretical models and public health issues.

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